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Our shop in Brunico

„The most beautiful shop  far and wide“ was the commentfrom one of my delighted customers.

When, at lat, my time as enfant terrible had come to and end, and I stopped travelling about, I started working as a shoemaker in my father´s workshop. After my apprenticeship I found great support from Natale Di Maria.

Then my adventure began in my own studio making special shoes tu measure. Years of experience go into each pair of carefully crafted shoes, guaranted made from finest leather. Each pair is a work of art, born of creative hands, with a deep respect for traditional methods, and attention tot he smallest detail. By keeping tot he old customery methods of tanning the leather, the natural quality oft he leather is vouched for. Each pair of shoes differs by some tiny detail, hence each pair is a work of art in ist own way.

Never mind the fact that there are ways of communication with each other that are faster than our spoken language,we should not be tempted into jumping our jogging shoes each time we leave the house.

Due tot he beatiful craftmanship in my work, my shoes are tob e found at top oft he price list.

Nowadays shoes are no longer purchased to keep the feet warm and dry. Shoes are bought to give one a certain symbol of a special lifestyle, masculin or feminine, young or old, tob e trendy and up-to – date in the fashion world: my shoes are an expression of our times.


"Give a woman the right shoes and she will conquer the world“ (Marylin Monroe)


  • Armin Stricker Shoes
  • Graben 30
  • 39031 Brunico


  • Tel.: +39 0474 550 625
  • Mobile: +39 347 111 26 33

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